Philip Williams is a London based artist working as a painter, printmaker and sculptor.   His artwork explores the representation and meaning of familiar scenes, everyday experiences and commonplace objects.   Taking the portrayal of crowds and diverse groups of people as a starting point for his paintings he pushes this recognisable imagery to the threshold between abstraction and figurative representation.  He uses the physical possibilities of paint and the painting process to create works that have distinctive formal characteristics. His sculptural work recreates familiar household objects as works of art. This transformation strips these items of their utilitarian purpose emphasising the aesthetics of the everyday domestic environment.

Philip graduated from Central St. Martins art school, London in 2016.   He is the winner of the Hollyport Prize and the Clyde & Co award for graduating artists from London based art schools.

If you have any questions about or wish to purchase any of the original works please contact the artist at the email address below:


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