"scratch mark"

31st May - 4th Jun, 2023

Fitzrovia Gallery

139 Whitfield St, London, W1T 5EN

Opening Drinks Friday 3rd June, 6:00pm - 8:00pm


The work in this exhibition explores the inheritance of common art, architectural and visual languages.   The series of paintings exhibited combine art historical references with contemporary visual idioms to create layered works that conform to neither representational nor abstract painting conventions.   A variety of painting techniques and styles are used to emphasise the different origin and character of the varied source material that is referenced.  The resulting works are reminiscent of digital or screen-based imagery whilst still emphasising their hand-crafted construction and manufacturing process.

The sculptural works similarly reference their heritage as familiar 3D objects and artifacts.   Common household forms are recreated as “sculpture” using a variety of non-conventional sculptural materials.  By stripping these objects of their utilitarian purpose, the aesthetics of their familiar domestic origin is emphasised.  Several pieces from the series of wireframe urns and vases will be exhibited for "scratchmark".


brownian motion