The Pie Factory Gallery, 5 Broad St, Margate, Friday 27th Aug - Monday 31st Aug, 11:00am - 6:00pm

Graham Clemie


Instagram: @graham_clemie
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“I was not suited for this world, but I am suited for the world that I have created.”
La Monte Young.

My work questions the difference between being and merely existing. It also explores the uncanny: whereby aspects of something appear life-like, despite others not. I’m also interested in the philosophy of idealism: that reality is what we perceive it to be, and that our perceptions are affected by our experiences. The fact that quantum mechanics shows us that multiple realities exist is also fascinating.

These interests stem from my varied background.

I was born in England. Aged five I went to live in Turkey. At eight, Melbourne and eleven, Saudi Arabia. At twenty, it was Sydney and a few years later, Paris. My youth was spent as what immigration officials label, an alien.

I have four degrees, my first, is in electronics. My first job was as a software engineer. It is only much later in life that I became interested in fine art. My journey through art school, first at CSM and then the Slade, was spent trying to reprogram myself, to transcend the bonds of my prior training; to perceive differently and be rather than exist.

Some years ago, I learnt of Plato’s allegory, ‘The Cave’ and the notion of a ‘psychic prison’. Since then I’ve thought a lot about being trapped by one’s own way of thinking and how what we see and what we perceive can be so different.

I explore the above by making art about breaking free and creating new, seemingly alien life.